Experience the best taste of guayusa with our pure blend, made with only the highest quality organic certified green guayusa, sustainably sourced from Ecuador. It has a wonderfully mild and healthy flavour that is described as honey, grassy and nutty.

All our blends are made from sustainable, natural ingredients, with no artificial flavours or extracts.

Our main ingredient: Guayusa

Guayusa is a naturally energising leaf that provides a healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks. For centuries, the Kichwa people of the Ecuadorian Amazon have started their days by gathering in community and drinking guayusa as the sun rises.

We provide the highest quality organic certified guayusa from small farmers in the Ecuadorian Amazon, who are paid 15% more than the Fairtrade price for their produce.

So when you buy each of our teas, you are not only contributing to the livelihoods of local people, but also to the reforestation of the Amazon region and the demonstration of more sustainable forms of rainforest agriculture.