OJASVITA  CHOCOLATE drink with 7 powerful herbs: a healthy drink for all ages. For more vitality and energy.

Chocolate Ojasvita is a perfect blend of that is also suitable for children. Vegan alternative: Make your own Ojasvita Chocolate drink using Almond or Coconut Milk

With the power of 7 herbs:

Ashwagandha: strengthens strength and vitality
Brahmi: positive effect on memory and concentration
Bringaraj: supports the metabolism
Jyotismathi: supports the memory function
Kali Musali: gives strength
Satavari: is considered ‘rasayana’, meaning ‘rejuvenating’.
Shankapushpi: supports the energy level


Mix with milk or water for a delicious drink
Add to yogurt
Sprinkle on ice cream, cereal or pancakes
Use in homemade cakes, candies or sauces